About us

From the age of 13, I started working with my father around the shop in Cocoa Florida. I am a second generation rebuilder. I have taken my father's footsteps in both knowledge and skills to apply the highest standards in my abilities. I have a passion for music and fill this passion by making pianos operate and sound like they are designed, giving the owner/player the ultimate experience in touch, tone, and quality craftsmanship. My hopes in sharing my skills is to inspire piano players both young and old to continue their quest in learning and playing so they can share all of their amazing emotions through sound. I am very passonate with the mechanics of the piano and share this passion with every piano we touch.

I am very active in the Piano Technician's Guild. This enables us to share and learn new techniques in a world renowned standard. I invite all tuners and techs in this area to reach out to me and learn more about how the PianoTechnician's Guild can benefit you and help provide better service in our area.

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