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Dirty Soundboard

This piano was found in a dilapidated House and the owner wanted to improve it’s look.

Dirty piano soundboard

Cleaned Soundboard

After using some tools to get below the strings, the original decal is shining through. 

Dirty piano after clean

In Home Cleaning

This is a service where we remove dust and dirt from your piano. In uprights, dust settles under the keys and toward the bottom of the piano, where the strings are looped. Since dust attracts moisture, keeping this area clean will help prevent rust failure to the strings. For Grand pianos, dust settles under the keyboard and underneath the strings, on the soundboard. Removing this dust can prevent damage to the soundboard.

String Covers

String covers can help preserve your grand piano for many generations. String covers prevent dust and moisture from reaching the strings and the soundboard. This helps prevent rust and offers thermal protection. As humidity and temperature change, high quality wool is a natural insulator. This helps the piano from changing drastically and keeps it in tune longer. All these great benifits and you can keep your piano lid open. Your sound is not affected, as there are supports that hold the cover above the strings.

Corey Products

Corey Products offers a great solution for keeping your piano looking it’s best. We offer Ultimate Care Kits that are specific to the finish of your piano. The kit comes with an exterior polish, key cleaner, a cleaning cloth, and a polishing cloth. The key cleaner is the best on the market and safe for all types of keys, including ivory. 

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