Downbearing…. What’s That?

Downbearing is the pressure that the stings push down on the soundboard. We control this by adjusting the height of the bridge on the soundboard to the plane of the piano string.  First, the plate is lowered in the piano, then measurements with a thread are taken often as we move through the lenth of the bridge. 

In the pictures below, you will see references created by making knotches in the bridge. This is done slowly for each reference to acheive the proper distance between the top of the reference and the bottom of the string. 

Once the reference are created, the bridge is planed down smooth. Graphite is put on top of the bridge, then the bridge is punched, knotted, and drilled. New bridge pins are then installed.

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The Plate is now going to be re-bronzed and the pinblock is fitted and drilled. Once that is complete, the next step will be to secure the plate to the piano and prepare to install new strings.

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