Further inspection of Pin Block and Bass Bridge

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Looking closely at the pin block, we can see that there was defiantly some time of moisture issues in it’s life.We can also see that the laminations in the block are starting to separate. This is a HUGE problem. Without having complete integrity of the laminations, there would be no way to keep the tension of the strings. This was the main cause of the piano not staying in tune.

To the right,, the bass section was missing laminations. This could have been caused during an attempted repair, without proper support below the pin block while driving in the extra large pins.

IMG 20140313 152842

The bass bridge is seperating from the soundboard. This causes a huge loss of power in the bass. 

The treble bridge has apparently had issues of seperating in the past. The glue on the bottom is  newer. It does not come out the back side, so at this time, I’m assuming the glue was put in the crack in attempt for it to seep in.

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