Let’s Glue It All Together

It is now time to glue it all together.


Above, you will see pictures of the bass bridge and the cap of the treble bridge being glued together.

Below is a picture of a new hybrid pinblock gluing together. What makes this a hybrid, is a mixture of a very dense pinblock material called Delignit, glued to a traditional maple pinblock. The 6mm of Delignit help give extra support to the pin as it enters the pin block, resulting in less flagpole and an excellent consistency. These are an absolute pleasure to tune for the technician. For the customer, the tunings produce great results.

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Now we need to glue the bridges to the soundboard


Now that we have te bridges glued to the soundboard, we are going to refinish the bottom side of the soundboard with the ribs. Then, we are going to glue the soundboard to the inside rim of the piano.


© Joel Klar 2013